Angela Buckley

Angela 155v1My life in crime began with my own family. Whilst taking a break from my full time teaching career (Modern Foreign Languages), I began researching my family tree. It wasn’t long before I came across some skeletons rattling loudly in the family cupboard. Although they were mostly petty crimes: swearing, drunkenness, theft and criminal damage, it was exciting to find ‘criminals’ in my family’s past. With the shocking discovery of a nefarious ancestor, who kept a brothel in the slums of Manchester, my interest in the dark Victorian underworld was kindled.

I have published many articles about social and family history and I am a regular contributor to family history publications. My first book, The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada, is published by Pen and Sword Books.

I now have a second blog, dedicated to family history: Stories from Shanklin Manor – all welcome!

4 thoughts on “Angela Buckley”

    • Victorian Supersleuth said:

      Thank you so much, Suzie for writing your story for the blog – it’s a wonderful tale and I can imagine Samuel’s blushes as he was caught in the act (unless it was all a misunderstanding of course!!) I’m thrilled to work with you through the blogs and books etc and I love reading your wonderful writing. I really appreciate all your support and friendship too xxx

  1. Hi Angela,

    I wonder whether you get in touch a d would be willing to do an interview for the About Manchester site about the new book?

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