Angela 155v1My life in crime began with my own family. Whilst taking a break from my career teaching Modern Foreign Languages, I began researching my family tree. It wasn’t long before the skeletons began rattling loudly in my family cupboard and I unearthed a number of petty criminals and colourful characters in my family’s past. With the shocking discovery of a nefarious ancestor, who kept a brothel in the slums of Manchester, my interest in the dark Victorian underworld was kindled.

My first book, The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada, is published by Pen and Sword Books.


It is available in hardback, ebook and for Kindle. BUY HERE

I have published many articles about social and family history and my work has been featured in the Sunday Express, All About History magazine, Who Do You Think You Are? magazine, Family Tree, Your Family Tree and Lancashire Life. I am a keen blogger and a regular contributor to the British Newspaper Archive blog. My guest posts have also appeared in The Virtual Victorian, Manchester Archives+ and Crime in the Community, the official blog of the Old Bailey Online.

I have another blog, dedicated to family history: Stories from Shanklin Manor – all welcome!

I am an experienced public speaker and give regular talks about my work. I have taken part in the Henley Literary Festival, the Manchester Histories Festival and the Rochester Literature Festival, and I have more talks scheduled for the coming year. Please see my Events page for more details. I hope to see you sometime!






10 thoughts on “About”

    • Victorian Supersleuth said:

      Thank you so much, Suzie for writing your story for the blog – it’s a wonderful tale and I can imagine Samuel’s blushes as he was caught in the act (unless it was all a misunderstanding of course!!) I’m thrilled to work with you through the blogs and books etc and I love reading your wonderful writing. I really appreciate all your support and friendship too xxx

  1. Hi Angela,

    I wonder whether you get in touch a d would be willing to do an interview for the About Manchester site about the new book?

  2. Frances Perryer said:

    Hi Angela – I’m working for author Charles van Onselen on a book called Showdown at the Red Lion to be published later this year. It’s about an Ancoats lad who makes his way to South Africa and has his heyday as a highwayman and safe-blaster on the Witwatersrand goldfields. Bob Horridge is mentioned in the book and we’d really like to use the image of him that you published in your book on Jerome Caminada… where did you track it down? Most grateful for the info!
    Thanks Frances Perryer

    • Victorian Supersleuth said:

      Dear Frances, thanks for your query about the photo of Bob Horridge – the story sounds fascinating. The image was scanned from an original copy of Caminada’s memoirs and as far as I know, it is the only one available. It is copyright free so you’d be very welcome to save a copy from the website or I could send you a scanned copy directly – I’d be happy to email you one if that would help. Best wishes, Angela

      • Frances Perryer said:

        Dear Angela – thanks so much: that’s fantastic! We need a high-resolution copy for the printer – if you have it at 300 dpi and don’t mind emailing a megabyte or 3 to me at francesp@polka.co.za that would be perfect. By the way, if you haven’t encountered Charles van Onselen’s work before, do look up a book called The Fox and the Flies (pub Jonathan Cape) for a possible South African identity for Jack the Ripper – he’s a sleuth after Caminada’s own heart!
        Best wishes, Frances

      • Victorian Supersleuth said:

        You’re very welcome – will do!

  3. Hi Angela,

    There are some very interesting posts on this blog. I have a site dedicated to crime in the Victorian era and I would be interested in re-blogging some of these posts.

    The idea of the site is to share articles about crime and crime detection in the 19th century. It should be an excellent resource for writers as well as an entertaining site for anyone interested in the dark side of Victoriana. It is also a place where writers can advertise their Victorian crime related book for free.

    I would only post a few paragraphs with a link to your blog for people to read the rest. I’m also more than happy to advertise your book on it.

    The site is: http://victorian-crime.tumblr.com/

    Let me know if this interests you (it’s free publicity)

    • Victorian Supersleuth said:

      Hi Olivier, thank you so much for your interest in my work – I really appreciate it. I would be more than happy for you to use material from my blog. If you could credit it back to the blog, that would be great thanks. It would also be excellent to have my book featured on your blog too, thank you. If you let me know what details you’d need, I can send them over to you. Always great to find others who enjoy Victorian crime! All the best, Angela

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