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The long awaited third series of Sherlock has finally arrived and 9.7 million fans tuned in to find out how Sherlock survived the fall from a London hospital after his final confrontation with arch enemy, Jim Moriarty. Loosely based on The Adventure of the Empty House, at the end of the episode, Sherlock revealed how he escaped his nemesis.

In real life, Detective Jerome Caminada also faced a deadly showdown with his long term rival, Bob Horridge, a violent thief who had terrorised the streets of Manchester for two decades. An experienced career criminal, Horridge had committed countless burglaries, undertaken several daring escapes, including one from Pentonville prison, and assaulted anyone who tried to stand in his way. Detective Caminada had arrested him for the first time after he had stolen a watch. When he was sent down for seven years, Horridge vowed that he would kill the interfering policeman as soon as he was freed.

In 1887, their rivalry came to a head after Horridge shot two policemen during a robbery. Detective Caminada, was immediately summoned back to the city: he was the only man who could stop this desperate criminal.

The final confrontation did not take place on top of a high building or a waterfall in Switzerland, but by the docks in Liverpool. Caminada had received information that Horridge had fled to the city and so he travelled there with a colleague. In a dramatic moment that could have been penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Detective Caminada recognised Horridge from a distance, by the gait of his walk. In an instant, he seized the felon and before Horridge could reach the revolver in his pocket, Caminada had placed his own weapon to Horridge’s mouth. Uttering the chilling words: ‘If there’s any nonsense with you, you’ll get the contents of this’, he finally arrested his own ‘Professor Moriarty’ once and for all.

Bob Horridge received life imprisonment for the attempted murder of the policemen and spent the rest of his days behind bars. Detective Caminada didn’t fake his own death but carried on doggedly in his everyday work of fighting crime.