Caminada cover

My blog tour has now come to an end. I have travelled some 1,300 miles, journeyed back in time and visited 10 fabulous blogs, from the cosy nest of the History Magpie to the imposing courts of the Old Bailey. I’d like to give a massive thank you to all those who hosted me and to everyone who promoted the tour through tireless retweeting and Facebooking.

To conclude the tour, I’d like to share 10 intriguing facts about Jerome Caminada.

Detective Caminada:

1. Recognised his arch rival, Bob Horridge, from a distance by the gait of his walk.

2. Caught a magistrate in the act of exposing himself to a factory boy.

3. Infiltrated a cross dressing ball by using the password, ‘Sister!’

4. Found the address of a Fenian suspect from the imprint on a blotting pad.

5. Solved the Manchester Cab Mystery in three weeks, using his knowledge of chemicals.

6. Took a maid on a trip on a boating lake in Leeds to elicit information.

7. Affected a limp in order to expose a quack doctor.

8. Hid in a piano box in the Free Trade Hall to identify the thief of sheet music.

9. Saved a young ‘scuttler’ (street fighter) from the gallows.

10. Jumped out of a moving train to catch a racecourse thief.

If you would like to know more about the adventures of Detective Caminada, The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada is now available, published by Pen and Sword Books.

Huge thanks to anyone who has already bought a copy and please do let me know what you think – could Detective Caminada have been the real Sherlock Holmes?